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Source: Getting More by Working Together - Opportunities for Linking Planning and Operations

Incorporate operational performance measures in strategic and long-range plans.(11/30/2004)
A Washington State DOT experience in linking performance measurement to strategic planning.

Enhance collaboration by sharing office space among operations stakeholders.(11/30/2004)
Ohio's experience with the development of a multi-jurisdictional operations facility.

Share data among stakeholders to improve quality and identify errors, especially in large data sets.(11/30/2004)
A synthesis of nationwide experiences with data sharing.

Link the funding of management and operations (M&O) strategies and ITS to regional transportation planning goals.(11/30/2004)
An Albany, NY, metropolitan planning experience in funding allocation.

Find innovative funding resources to help finance management and operations (M&O) strategies and ITS.(11/30/2004)
The experience of several agencies with innovative funding.