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Source: Washington State-British Columbia: International Mobility and Trade Corridor (IMTC)

Use a bi-national stakeholder forum to help apply ITS technology at an international border crossing.(10/1/2003)
A public-private partnership experience in deploying a bi-national electronic truck border crossing system at the Washington /British Columbia border.

Protect data privacy by implementing user authorization levels for sensitive information.(10/1/2003)
The Washington State and British Columbia experience in developing a fully operational and bi-national electronic commercial vehicle operations (CVO) border crossing system.

Use an interoperable transponder to assure maximum benefits to both the private and public sector.(10/1/2003)
The Washington State and British Columbia experience in using transponders as part of the IMTC ITS CVO – Border Crossing Deployment.

Monitor emerging security requirements and legislation that may impact commercial vehicle business processes.(10/1/2003)
The IMTC ITS CVO – Border Crossing Deployment stakeholders experience with changes in security policies in Washington State and British Columbia.