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Unit Cost Entries for Information Service Provider Labor

Unit Cost ElementUnit Cost ComponentDescriptionLocationCost TypeData DateReported UnitsUnitsYear (Dollars)Capital Cost Per UnitO& M Cost Per UnitLifetime (Years)View Details
Information Service Provider LaborInformation Service Center LaborInformation Service Center Labor for ICMSan Francisco, California, United StatesEstimated2008Per Year2008$225,000.00View Details
Information Service Provider LaborInformation Service Provider LaborTypically, during Peak periods: staff includes 2 Operators and 1 Supervisor/Manager. Typical Off-Peak: 1 or 2 Operators & 1 Supervisor/Manager. Typical Overnight Periods: 1 Operator & no Supervisor. All Labor figures were based on the following: Number of employees and highest end salary stated in the Description, 140 percent Overhead, 10 percent Fee (Profit), 18 percent Benefits, NO overtime was applied, numbers based on 24/7 Operation.Miami, Florida, USAActual2001Lump Sum (LS)2001$909,600.00View Details