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Unit Cost Entries for Roadside Probe Beacon

Unit Cost ElementUnit Cost ComponentDescriptionLocationCost TypeData DateReported UnitsUnitsYear (Dollars)Capital Cost Per UnitO& M Cost Per UnitLifetime (Years)View Details
Roadside Probe Beacon Probe Surveillance – Roadside Transponder ReaderOne license plate reader (LPR)is needed per lane. The costs presented assume three LPRs to cover three lanes.Florida, USAActual2003Location2003$32,000.00$1,000.00View Details
Roadside Probe Beacon Roadside Probe BeaconRoadside probe beacon.Houston, Texas, USAUnknown2000Each (EA)2000$4,000.00$6,000.007View Details
Roadside Probe Beacon Roadside Probe Beacon Radio controlled roadside beacon with warning lights.Port Angeles, Washington, USAEstimated2001Each (EA)2001$6,000.00$600.005View Details