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Unit Cost Entries for Terrestrial Microwave

Unit Cost ElementUnit Cost ComponentDescriptionLocationCost TypeData DateReported UnitsUnitsYear (Dollars)Capital Cost Per UnitO& M Cost Per UnitLifetime (Years)View Details
Terrestrial MicrowaveMicrowave CommunicationMicrowave communications.Texas, USAActual20041Each (EA)2004$5,000.005View Details
Terrestrial MicrowaveMicrowave CommunicationEnerdyne Codecs 5.8 Ghz, T1 Harris radios, feedline, and labor.Boise, Idaho, USAUnknown2002Each (EA)2002$25,000.00$2,000.0010View Details
Terrestrial MicrowaveMicrowave CommunicationMicrowave communications.Washington, USAActual2006Each (EA)2006$5,000.00$1,000.008View Details
Terrestrial MicrowaveMicrowave CommunicationMicrowave Communication link. One-time cost; negligible O&M.Colorado, USAActual2005Each (EA)2005$5,000.0010View Details
Terrestrial MicrowaveMicrowave CommunicationMicrowave communication.Miami, Florida, USAActual2001Each (EA)2001$3,000.00$6,600.00View Details
Terrestrial MicrowaveMicrowave CommunicationEagle transmitter and receiver. Manufacturer: Trango Systems.Edmonds, Washington, USA,Mukilteo, Washington, USA,and Anacortes, Washington, USAEstimated2001Each (EA)2001$1,800.00$500.0010View Details
Terrestrial MicrowaveMicrowave CommunicationInstalled four links to connect to existing 800 Mhz installation.Blewett/Stevens Pass, Washington, USAActual2001Each (EA)2001$40,000.00$500.0020View Details
Terrestrial MicrowaveNon-Leased Communications: Backbone HopsThe Backbone Hops provides the Towers and microwave at the tops of mountains and acts as trunk communications. Estimate inlcudes increased staff maintence from 12 hours per year to 27 hours per yearCalifornia, USAActual2007Each (EA)2007$16,900.00$2,400.0015View Details
Terrestrial MicrowaveNon-Leased Communications: MicrowaveState owned microwave assumes a mid range microwave system, includes a antenna and transceiverCalifornia, USAActual2007Each (EA)2007$16,900.00$1,670.0015View Details
Terrestrial MicrowaveTerrestrial Microwave CommunicationData transmitter & receiver is from Wireless Technology, Inc. Model #SS900DM. Video transmitter & receiver is Wireless Technology, Inc. Model # F5850.Pueblo, Colorado, USAActual2003Each (EA)2003$33,348.00View Details
Terrestrial MicrowaveWireless Communications BackhaulWireless communications equipment and services required to connect TMC with ITS equipment installed on the I-93 corridor from Manchester to Salem.Manchester, New Hampshire, USA,Salem , New Hampshire, USAActual2010System2010$748,000.00$126,000.00View Details