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Unit Cost Entries for Variable Speed Display Sign

Unit Cost ElementUnit Cost ComponentDescriptionLocationCost TypeData DateReported UnitsUnitsYear (Dollars)Capital Cost Per UnitO& M Cost Per UnitLifetime (Years)View Details
Variable Speed Display SignVariable Speed DisplayVariable Speed Limit Display (Daktronics). Average price for a set of signs installed on ground mounted poles, with 300-1000 feet of power run. Includes dual signs to cover maximum and minimum speeds, power runs (ditching), UPS back up for four hours, microwave communication equipment (Canopy), equipment cabinets, all necessary equipment, device testing, connection to network management system, and subsystem integration testing.Manchester, New Hampshire, USA,Salem , New Hampshire, USAActual2010Each (EA)2010$108,000.00View Details
Variable Speed Display SignVariable Speed Display SignVariable speed display sign.Wenatchee, Washington, USAActual2005Each (EA)2005$16,000.0015View Details
Variable Speed Display SignVariable Speed Limit SystemVariable speed limit system over a remote mountain pass (22 mile section). Communications include existing microwave radio backbone, fiber, telephone, cell phone, and 900 Mhz radio. Design and Construction Engineering costs are $178,000 of the total $691,000 (approximately 26 percent).Wenatchee, Washington, USAActual2005Lump Sum (LS)2005$691,000.0030View Details