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Unit Cost Element - Software Development

Unit Cost Component - Software Development for ADUS

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


Software expected to provide fully automated freeway management data system, plus the ability to receive, collect, and archive other transportation generated data for historical and real-time users. Projected total cost was $4.567 million [Funds were added ($342,577) to Capital Cost Dec 2004 to cover added expenses for extended contract time and for software enhancements] and the completion date was rescheduled for Dec 2006. Date extended to accommodate complete implementation and testing of software with the Las Vegas area freeway management system, and for operator training.

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10 years



ITS Integration Program Unit Cost Data Collection Sheet: Nevada Archived Data User System - Las Vegas, NV (FY99 Yr6)

Author: Jon Dickinson

Unit Cost Details

Capital Cost per Unit: $4,567,000.00

O&M Cost per Unit:

Year (Dollars): 2004

Lifetime: 10 years