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Unit Cost Element - Software for Incident Detection

Unit Cost Component - Software for Incident Detection

Boise, Idaho, USA


Software is an ATMS freeway/arterial software package developed by the IBI Group, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. There was no name or model for the software package. Software costs include the software and installation, no other costs (cost to operate) are included. O&M costs are for yearly software updates and includes installation and test of the update. Labor to operate and maintain the software is not included. These costs are unknown at this time (because this is a new software package).

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20 years



ITS Integration Program Unit Cost Data Collection Sheet: Treasure Valley ITS Integration Program - Boise, ID (FY00 Yr1)

Author: Jim Larsen

Unit Cost Details

Capital Cost per Unit: $100,000.00

O&M Cost per Unit: $25,000.00

Year (Dollars): 2003

Lifetime: 20 years