Connected-Vehicle-enabled Transit Signal Priority algorithm results in reduced delays of up to 75 percent

The field experiment validated the feasibility of CV-based TSP and supports facilitation of large-scale implementation of the TSP logic

August 2017

Summary Information

Transit Signal Priority (TSP) is a method of offering preferences to transit vehicles at signalized intersections. One major barrier to implementation is the need to coordinate with individual buses to properly manage signal lengths. This has been greatly facilitated by the advent of connected vehicle technologies.

The purpose of this study, carried out by researchers at Morgan State University and supported in part by the Connected Vehicle Infrastructure University Transportation Center, was to perform a field test of the technology, which had primarily been analyzed only through driving simulators. The experiment was performed at the Smart Road of the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute and examined a number of different scenarios to find how the system would adapt if the bus was scheduled to arrive at various points in the red-green cycle.

  • The TSP based on CV technology (TSPCV) logic was capable of providing a green light for the transit vehicle 100 percent of the time.
  • Though both conventional and differential GPS devices were tested, there were no significant differences found in efficacy between the two methods. As differential GPS systems are more precise but more expensive, this finding supports the possibility of large-scale implementation given the reduced cost of conventional GPS devices.
  • The use of the TSPCV logic found an overall reduction in delay of 56 percent, which ranged from 32 percent to 75 percent compared to a regular intersection.

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Transit Signal Priority Experiment in a Connected Vehicle Technology Environment

Author: Lee, Young-Jae

Published By: Journal of Transportation Engineering, Part A: Systems

Source Date: August 2017



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