Design blind spot warning systems to minimize false alarms.

Promising technologies for commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) in North Carolina.

January 2014
Kernersville,North Carolina,United States

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The BSW system increased driver awareness of vehicles in adjacent lanes; however, field testing identified opportunities to improve system performance.
  • Design BSW sensors to minimize false alarms by classifying detected objects in relation to given driving conditions. Efforts should be made to suppress objects such as guardrails, barriers, fences, and signs that drivers may perceive as false alarms when vehicles are not present.
  • Design BSW side-view mirror warning light indicators with adjustable brightness levels that adapt to ambient light conditions. Several drivers surveyed during the project indicated that passenger side LEDs were not effective due to the low brightness levels and distance from the driver. Currently, SAE standards for passenger vehicles are available, but not for CMVs. The passenger vehicle standards, however, may provide developers with insight into appropriate luminance levels needed for BSW systems on CMVs.
  • Ensure BSW sensor coverage on the driver side of the vehicle is wide enough to detect small vehicles such as motorcycles. Although this would only enhance indirect vision from mirrors, it could benefit drivers in high-density or fast-moving traffic.

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Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Advanced System Testing Utilizing a Data Acquisition System on the Highways (FAST DASH): Safety Technology Evaluation Project #1 Blindspot Warning: Final Report

Author: Schaudt, William A., et al.

Published By: U.S. DOT Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Source Date: January 2014

Other Reference Number: Report No. FMCSA-RRT-13-008

URL: http://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/facts-research/research-technology/report/FAST-DASH-Concurrence-Package.pdf

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