Use of in-vehicle information system (IVIS) applications is likely to remain low in New Zealand without proper education, despite drivers' belief in their safety benefits.

University researchers examine developer and driver needs for IVIS design guidance materials.

New Zealand

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For safety oriented IVIS applications to give drivers useful information without overly distracting them, they must be designed effectively. Overall, these systems should be easy to see, require short and infrequent glances, and be mostly hands free. The researchers suggest the following design considerations:
  • The system interface and positioning should only require short and infrequent glances. To ensure short and infrequent glances, the system input should be located within 10 to 20 centimeters of the driver's hand and be operable with a single hand.
  • The display should minimize the downward viewing angle.
  • The display should follow best practice guidelines by using recognizable symbols consistent with traffic signs.

The researchers suggest sharing this guidance in one or more brochures made generally available through automotive retailers, insurers, automobile owner groups, and the Transport Agency.

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Drivers’ response to warnings/information provided by in-vehicle informationsystems

Author: Starkey, N.J. and S.G. Charlton

Published By: University of Waikato

Source Date: 7/1/18

URL: https://www.nzta.govt.nz/assets/resources/research/reports/643/643-Drivers-response-to-warningsinformation-provided-by-in-vehicle-information-systems.pdf

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