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Unit Cost Element - Fiber Optic Cable Installation

Unit Cost Component - Fiber Optic Cable Installation and Equipment for Signal Regeneration

Wisconsin, USA


Costs include all required equipment at the eight WisDOT add/drop and signal regeneration facilities located in Milwaukee (Traffic Operations Center), Madison, Eau Claire, Tomah, Hixton and Knapp. Equipment includes: racks, fiber termination panels, Cisco 15-327 and Cisco 15-454 optical hardware and software, DC power systems, business telephone line installation, A/C power installation.

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10 years


Total length of corridor fiber project is 277 miles. WisDOT received conduit/dark fiber along entire length of I-94 corridor in ROW exchange with carrier. Fiber is valued at $19,950 per mile and is included in cost estimate. WisDOT also received conduit/dark fiber for spurs into three locations along the mainline in other exchange agreements. Thus the cost per mile for conduit and fiber design and installation along the corridor is significantly less than a typical fiber optic design/build project.


ITS Integration Program Unit Cost Data Collection Sheet: Wisconsin Fiber Optic Spurs Buildout - Phase II - Statewide, WI (FY04)

Author: Sharon Bremser

Unit Cost Details

Capital Cost per Unit: $367,000.00

O&M Cost per Unit: $25,800.00

Year (Dollars): 2005

Lifetime: 10 years