In 1994, the HELP/Crescent project evaluated the potential benefits of implementing automatic vehicle identification, weigh-in-motion, electronic screening, credentialing, automatic vehicle classification, and integrated communications and databases, and projected that these systems would yield a benefit-to-cost ratio ranging from 4.8:1 to 12:1 for state governments.

February 1994
West Coast,Washington,United States; West Coast,Oregon,United States; West Coast,California,United States; West Coast,Arizona,United States; West Coast,New Mexico,United States; West Coast,Texas,United States

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The HELP/Crescent Project on the West Coast evaluated the applicability of four technologies for screening transponder-equipped vehicles. The technologies included automatic vehicle identification, weigh-in-motion, automatic vehicle classification, and integrated communications systems and databases. The benefits data are developed as a projection of experience from the project and from other databases rather than direct measurement by the project. Impact of hazardous material incidents could be reduced by $1.7 million annually per state. Estimates of reductions in tax evasion range from $0.5 to $1.8 million annually per state. Overweight loads could be reduced by 5 percent leading to a savings of $5.6 million annually. Operating costs of a weigh station could be reduced up to $169,000, with credentials checking adding $4.3-$8.6 million and automated safety inspections adding $156,000 to $781,000 in savings due to avoided accidents annually per state. A full implementation of services examined in the Crescent project would yield a benefit-to-cost ratio of 4.8 for a typical state government over a 20-year period. Less complete implementations range in benefit-to-cost ratio from no benefit up to 12:1 for the government.


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The Crescent Project: An Evaluation of an Element of the HELP Program

Published By: The Crescent Evaluation Team

Source Date: February 1994

EDL Number: 9566

Other Reference Number: Executive Summary, Appendix A



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