Evaluate the safety potential of the of Adaptive Driver Assistance (ADA) systems and assess driver behavior associated with these technologies

Dutch researchers evaluated Advanced Driver Assistance (ADA) technologies to improve driver behavior and the safety of vehicles on through-roads and at intersections

23 October 2006

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Evaluation objectives included:
  • Perform an objective analysis of the effect of driving with ACC and LDW (in mixed traffic on Dutch roads) on individual driving behavior and ultimately the impact on traffic flow in terms of safety, throughput and environment
  • Evaluate driver behavior and acceptance by means of questionnaires and focus groups

This study evaluated multiple aspects of driving behaviors and the following lessons learned show a sampling of the improved driver behaviors that resulted after 3 months of using ACC and LDW including:
  • Increased concentration on driving
  • Better anticipation of driver actions
  • More alert to potential hazards
  • Greater awareness of driving environment
Additionally, after three months of using ACC and LDW:
  • More participants felt ACC was better than LDW in most aspects (useful, enjoyable, effective)
  • More participants felt ACC decreases the chances for incidents more than LDW
  • Participants felt there was a safety increasing effect for both LDW as ACC but assumed it to be larger for ACC
  • More participants felt getting used to driving with ACC takes longer than with LDW
  • All participants stated that they would choose ACC over LDW
This report, finalized in December 2006, also provides additional details on these vehicle safety systems. These findings along with the lessons learned information provide a valuable resource to those considering the implementation of advanced technology for vehicle safety.

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The Assisted Driver

Author: Bootsma, Gerben, and Tom Alkim

Published By: Transport Research Center, Netherlands Transport Ministry, Public Works and Water Management

Source Date: 23 October 2006

URL: http://www.mobileye.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/DutchMinistryReport1.pdf

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