Hand-held incident investigation units purchased at a cost of $13,000 per unit were used to reduce incident clearance time, increase safety of investigations, and improve investigation accuracy at accident sites in Phoenix.

From the Phoenix MMDI Evaluation Report: Subsection 5.4 Computer-Aided Incident Investigation

April 2000
Phoenix,Arizona,United States

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The Phoenix Metropolitan Model Deployment Initiative (MMDI) integrated ITS components for traffic signal control, transit management, freeway management, emergency management, traveler information, and incident management. The overall goal was to integrate these previously isolated systems and reduce congestion by improving traffic flow on congested corridors.

For improved incident management, computer-aided incident investigation systems were purchased to reduce incident clearance time, increase safety of investigators, and improve the accuracy of police investigations at accident sites. The key tool was a hand-held combination infrared distance meter and prism that allowed police to quickly record object/vehicle distance measurements. Once these measurements were taken, vehicles and debris could be removed from the roadway and the data collected could be uploaded to an off-site workstation and analyzed by investigators.

The incident investigation system equipment included the hand-held unit, tripod, monopole antenna, and computer workstation at a cost of $13,000 per unit. The auto integration and AutoCAD software used to analyze and generate reports based on data taken at the incident scene cost $2,000 per unit. MMDI funding was used to purchase two incident investigation system units for the Department of Public Safety. Based on positive feedback on the use of the equipment, five additional systems were purchased with state and local funds. The $42,000 cost for training includes training of two groups of 10-15 officers for a total of 24 hours training each. Operations and maintenance (O&M) were estimated at $4,305.

“Total Station” Incident Investigation Unit, Computer Workstation, Tripod, Monopole Antenna
Auto Integration and AutoCAD Software
Operations and Maintenance

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Phoenix Metropolitan Model Deployment Initiative Evaluation Report

Author: C. Zimmerman (Battelle), et. al.

Published By: Federal Highway Administration, U.S. DOT

Prepared by Battelle for the U.S. DOT

Source Date: April 2000

EDL Number: 12743

Other Reference Number: Report No. FHWA-OP-00-015


System Cost

Total start-up cost: $147,000 (1998).

Annual O&M costs: $4,305 (1998).


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