Consider data ownership issues early when contracting with the private sector data providers and avoid limited use clauses.

Florida DOT’s experience with public/private traffic monitoring.

Tampa Bay,Florida,United States

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One challenge that was overcome in the public-private partnership was a restriction included in the original agreement which limited the use of traffic monitoring data generated from the system to FDOT internal system management uses only. The private sector partner had a business model which relied on its ability to market and sell the data generated by the sensors to other outlets. An interim solution was reached in which the private partner has agreed to provide the information free of charge for one year, and FDOT has agreed to offset the anticipated loss of revenue thereafter to the private partner for continued use of the traffic data.

Avoid restrictive-use language in contracts with information providers.

Avoiding restrictive language in public-private ventures is paramount to enable public agencies to serve the public in the best possible manner. In this case, an interim solution was brokered but to what cost is still to be determined. One risk that lingers is the potential loss of use of the travel-time and speed data generated by the system in the next few years, after the public has come to expect such information. This situation could place FDOT in a precarious situation with the public.

Access to real-time travel times and speeds are valuable to traveling public.

To date the public response has been quite positive similar to the experiences other jurisdictions have reported when real-time travel times and speeds are made available to the public. Agencies should strive to provide these types of data to the public but be aware of potential restrictions that can be included in public-private partnership agreements.

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FDOT Uses Private Sector Data to Support Public Sector Initiative

Published By: Florida Department of Transportation

Source Date: 5/1/2005

URL: http://www.floridaits.com/Newsletters/2005/May/05-2005.htm#ITIP

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