Transit improvements, carpooling campaign, and HOV to HOT conversion demonstration project cost $70,460,779 for capital and $55,896,725 for ongoing maintenance.

The Atlanta congestion reduction demonstration projects intended to reduce congestion on the I-85 corridor northeast of Atlanta with tolling, transit, transportation demand strategies, and technology.

Atlanta,Georgia,United States

Summary Information

Deteriorating performance of the high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes on I-85 during peak periods as a result of heavy usage provided the focus of the Atlanta congestion reduction demonstration projects. To address the performance problems, the following strategies were deployed:
  • Conversion of the existing HOV lane to high occupancy/toll (HOT) lanes, called Express Lanes on 16 miles of I-85 northeast of Atlanta
  • Addition of 12 new buses and 3 new bus routes
  • Four new or expanded park and ride facilities
  • Targeted outreach to increase the number of 3-person carpools from existing 2-person carpools and single-occupant vehicles
  • Deployment of innovative enforcement technologies on the Express Lanes
Evaluation of the deployments considered the period before and a period of one year after deployment.


The Atlanta Congestion Reduction Demonstration (CRD) project costs were divided into Planning, Design, and Construction/Purchase Costs and Operations and Maintenance Costs. The following tables summarize the overall costs for the CRD projects in Atlanta.

Planning, Design, and Construction/Purchase Costs

CRD Project Component
Planning, Design, and Construction/Purchase Costs (2011 Dollars)
HOT Lanes on I-85
Highway Design
Construction for Tolling (gantries, fiber, signs)*
Tolling System (development, equipment, readers)
Marketing and Communications
Customer Service Center Start Up
12 New Buses with 3 New Bus Routes*
Park-and-Ride Lots (3 new and 1 expanded)
Mall of Georgia (lease)
Dacula / Hebron Baptist (lease)
I-985 / GA20 (expansion)*
Hamilton Mill (new)*
Carpooling Outreach
Clean Air Campaign Lead
Monitoring and Evaluation
National Evaluation
Performance Monitoring
*indicates this item will have a salvage value after 10 years

Operations and Maintenance Costs
CRD Project Component
Operations and Maintenance Costs (years 2011 to 2021 in 2011 dollars)
HOT Lanes on I-85
Traffic Operations Center
Customer Service Center/Violations
Lane Equipment
12 New Buses with 3 New Bus Routes
Park-and-Ride Lots (3 new and 1 expanded)

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Atlanta Congestion Reduction Demonstration: National Evaluation Report

Author: Zimmerman, Carol,

Published By: USDOT Federal Highway Administration and Federal Transit Administration

Source Date: 03/21/2014

Other Reference Number: FHWA-JPO-14-152


System Cost

The Atlanta congestion reduction demonstration projects capital cost - $70,460,779
Ongoing Maintenance - $5,589,672 annually for 10 years


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