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Unit Cost Element - Wireless Modem for Roadside Use

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Wi-Fi Wireless Backhaul Modem with Data Rate: Approximately 1- 150 Mbps, Range: Approximately 20-150 meters, Service Cost: Typically none (custom network installation)

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10 years


Wi-Fi is a relatively short range wireless Ethernet system that provides relatively high data rate point to point communications between terminals. It is defined by a set of standards under IEEE 802.11 which specifies numerous variants of the standard providing a range of ranges and data rates. Typical uses are for providing connectivity between mobile devices (e.g. PCs and consumer devices) and the internet. The system is very popular and is widely available and inexpensive. Strengths: May exist in RSU by default, zero added cost, No backhaul wiring installation. Limitations: Only suitable for local manual RSU programming using a localized device, Not a true remote backhaul, Requires development of secure system access system to prevent unwanted RSU tampering, May require external antenna. Lifetime 5-10 years


National Connected Vehicle Field Infrastructure Footprint Analysis Final Report

Author: Wright, James (AASHTO), et.al.

Published By: U.S. DOT Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) ITS Joint Program Office (JPO)

Other Reference Number: Report No. FHWA-JPO-14-125

URL: https://rosap.ntl.bts.gov

Unit Cost Details

Capital Cost per Unit: $20.00

O&M Cost per Unit:

Year (Dollars): 2013

Lifetime: 10 years

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ID: 2014-04681