Use truck-mounted radar speed signs to help reduce vehicle speeds through continuously moving and intermittent mobile work operations.

Experience implementing radar speed signs (RSS) in Oregon.

Portland; Oregon; United States; Klamath Falls; Oregon; United States

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  • Set character size, font, and brightness so messages displayed are easy to understand.
  • Configure speed display parameters based on the regulatory or advisory speed limit for the work zone. When the RSS detects speeds above the upper speed limit threshold, the display should show the vehicle speed and a programmed message encouraging them to slow (e.g., "Slow Down").
  • RSS signs should only be turned on during work operations. The display should be located so it is visible to oncoming traffic at all times and is as close to the work operation as possible.

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Evaluation of Radar Speed Display for Mobile Maintenance Operations

Author: Gambatese, John A. and Ali Jafarnejad

Published By: Oregon DOT, Research Unit

Source Date: 01/01/2016

Other Reference Number: OR-RD-16-09

URL: http://www.oregon.gov/ODOT/TD/TP_RES/docs/Reports/2015/RSS_Final_Report_OR_RD_16_09.pdf

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