In Maryland, electronic screening and credentialing systems deployed as part of the CVISN program had an overall estimated benefit-to-cost ratio ranging from 3.28 to 4.68.

November 1998
Statewide,Maryland,United States

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The Commercial Vehicle Information Systems and Networks (CVISN) program is designed to improve motor carrier and roadway safety. Also it is used to assist the performance of state regulation and commercial vehicle operations. It consists of information systems owned and operated by carriers, governments, and other stakeholders that are integrated together. Two states, Maryland and Virginia, where selected by the federal government to demonstrate the feasibility of the program. These two states are known as the CVISN prototype states.

This report summaries a study on the benefits and costs of CVISN deployed in the state of Maryland. It attempts to answer what the net benefits are for the state for several components of the CVISN program for a ten year life span and different discount rates. For a 7 percent discount rate the benefit to cost ratio ranges from a low of 3.28 to a high of 4.68 for the overall program in Maryland. Also included in the report are estimated ranges of benefit cost ratios for Credential Processing (1.98 to 2.92 at 7 percent discount rate), Safety and Enforcement (4.15 to 5.86 at 7 percent discount rate), State Agencies (1.45 to 1.61 at 7 percent), and Motor Carriers (6.67 to 10.41 at 7 percent).

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Benefit-Cost Assessment of the Commercial Vehicle Information Systems and Networks (CVISN) in Maryland

Author: Bapna, Sanjay, Jigish Zaveri, and Andrew Z. Farkas

Published By: National Transportation Center, Morgan State University

Source Date: November 1998

EDL Number: 9369



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