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Unit Cost Element - Communication Equipment - MCVS

Unit Cost Component - In-vehicle Mobile Data Collection (MDC) hardware

Statewide, New Hampshire, United States


In-vehicle mobile data collection (MDC) unit hardware investment for statewide MDSS in New Hampshire

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5 years


It is assumed that the state DOT would use MDC to provide an automated feedback mechanism (maintenance activity information transmitted from MDC to MDSS server) and a means of preserving the chain of communication between MDSS and the vehicle operator. The maintenance costs per year is 10 percent of the capital cost. Two trucks are assumed to be used on each route.


Analysis of Maintenance Decision Support System (MDSS) Benefits & Costs

Author: Zhirui Ye, Christopher Strong, Xianming Shi*, and Steven Conger

Published By: South Dakota Department of Transportation Office of Research 700 East Broadway Avenue Pierre, SD 57501-2586

Other Reference Number: SD2006-10-F

Related System Cost ID: 2011-00209

Unit Cost Details

Capital Cost per Unit: $2,000.00

O&M Cost per Unit: $200.00

Year (Dollars): 2008

Lifetime: 5 years