Creating a national standard for dockless bikeshare ordinances helps municipal governments focus on social equity and safety instead of only legal liability.

Center for Transportation, Equity, Decisions and Dollars (CTEDD) in cooperation with US Department of Transportation-Research and Innovation Technology Administration (RITA) review the state of bikeshare ordinances across the largest cities in the United States.

March 2019

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Create a national standard for dockless bikeshare ordinances to help municipal governments which often create ordinances after deployment and frequently focus on legal liability rather than social equity or safety.
  • Thirty (30) of the United States 60 largest cities (by population) do not have any dockless bikeshare ordinances despite being deployed on their streets (five cities had no dockless bikes, the remaining 25 had varying levels of regulation).
  • There is no geographic or size patterns to the level of regulation in American cities, reinforcing the pattern of ad-hock and locally driven regulations.
  • The most frequent type of regulation is regarding insurance liability and legal indemnification. Fewer cities use regulation to advance safety and equity. Several interviewees mentioned their concern that dockless scooters may soon fully replace dockless bikes.

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Regulating the Ride: Lessons on the Evolution of Dockless Bikeshare Policy in American Cities

Author: Wood, James and Shima Hamidi

Published By: Center for Transportation, Equity, Decisions and Dollars (CTEDD)

Source Date: March 2019

URL: https://ctedd.uta.edu/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/WoodHamidi_2019_CTEDD_RegulatingTheRide.pdf

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