Intersection conflict warning systems that use vehicle detection loops, warning signs and flashers cost $21,200 to $28,000 per intersection.

Safety treatments for low-volume 2-lane at 2-lane stop controlled intersections in North Carolina.


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Vehicle Entering When Flashing (VEWF) intersection conflict warning systems have been designed to help motorists identify gaps in traffic and safely proceed through stop-controlled intersections. The North Carolina DOT (NCDOT) tested a variety system configurations where vehicle actuated signs and flashing beacons were installed to warn motorists of potential conflicts with other vehicles.

The below table below excerpted from the source report provides a comparison of several low-cost alternatives where VEWF safety treatments were implemented to treat low-volume stop controlled two-lane at two-lane intersections where there was a history of severe-angle crashes.

Average Cost1
Intersection AADT2
VEWF Category 1 (Overhead signs and flashers at intersection on major roadway with loop detection on minor)
1,500 to 2,200
VEWF Category 2 (Overhead signs and flashers at intersection on minor roadway with loop detection on major)
3,200 to 12,100
VEWF Category 3 (Post mounted signs and flashers on major approach with loop detection on minor)
2,800 to 9,700
VEWF Category 4 (Locations with combination of Category 1 through Category 3)
2,400 to 9,300

1. VEWF costs obtained from sites with available project information in NCDOT Spot Safety project files. All data in 2011 dollars.
2. Range of annual average daily traffic (AADT) at intersections evaluated.

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Evaluation of the Safety Effectiveness of “Vehicle Entering When Flashing” Signs and Actuated Flashers at 74 Stop-Controlled Intersections in North Carolina

Author: Simpson, Carrie L.; and Shawn A. Troy

Published By: Transportation Research Board

Source Date: 11/14/2012


System Cost

Intersection conflict warning system: $21,200 to $28,000 (2011$).


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