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Unit Cost Element - Reversible Lane System

Unit Cost Component - Reversible Lane System

California, USA


Reversible Lane Elements inlcudes all of the operational components for a reversible lane system on an 8 mile stretch of I-15 in San Diego - see notes.

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15 years


Inlcudes: 3 Gate Control, Lane Control pop-ups, 12 CMS, Vehicle Detection, Lighting, 9 CCTV, Air Supply, Field Control Units, manual Control Unit, and a Device Control Unit, with five miles of aier conduit and sensor lines,and ten miles of conduit for 480 volt power lines and 10 miles of communication conduit. Costs for implementing and maintaining th CMS and CCTVs not inlcuded.


CALTRANS 2007 Traffic Management System (TMS) Inventory

Author: CALTRANS - Steve Hancock, Jas Bhullar

Published By: CALTRANS Office of ITS Projects and Standards

Unit Cost Details

Capital Cost per Unit: $1,931,000.00

O&M Cost per Unit: $132,000.00

Year (Dollars): 2007

Lifetime: 15 years

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contra flow lanes, reversible lanes, lane reversal, managed lanes

ID: 2010-01083