Anticipate the need for additional training during the initial post-deployment period to help ensure that system operators are familiar with all new features and procedures.

Virginia DOT’s experience integrating data from public works and public safety agencies.

January 2005
Virginia,United States

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In the short time that the VSP-VDOT CAD integration has been in use at the Richmond STC, there have been two key observations made by the STC operators. First, the operators have been able to see and track a significantly greater number of incidents than were previously tracked by relying on the VSP scanner and phone calls from VSP dispatchers. STC operators now have a much better picture of what is happening on the roadways. Second, there have been much fewer calls from the VSP dispatchers to the STC operators. This is due to the VSP dispatchers being aware that VDOT is monitoring the data they enter into the CAD system. As a result, the VSP dispatchers assume that the need to call the STC operators is greatly reduced. The only problem that this has created for the STC operators is receiving consistent information in the ROADI segment of the data stream. This leads some VSP dispatchers to erroneously assume that information entered (in a MISC segment) has been read by STC operators and therefore there is no need to phone VDOT. The consistency of using the new ROADI segment to provide roadway information versus using the MISC segment will be an ongoing training effort that is required for the interface between VSP and VDOT to continue to be successful.

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Challenges Faced and Tactics Used to Integrate Real-Time State Police CAD Data with the VDOT Richmond District Smart Traffic Center: Lessons Learned Document

Author: Robison, David, Matt Sargent, and Steve Beckwith

Correspondence with Robb Alexander , Virginia DOT, on April 6, 2006

Published By: Virginia DOT

Prepared by Open Roads Consulting, Inc. for the Virginia DOT

Source Date: January 2005

EDL Number: 14115

URL: https://rosap.ntl.bts.gov/view/dot/4228

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Open Roads Consulting

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Robert Alexander, P.E.
Virginia Department of Transportation

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Volpe National Transportation Systems Center


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