Cat's eye retro-reflectors extend the range of lane detection when using automated vehicle camera technology at night, especially in inclement weather.

A presentation on automated vehicle camera technology and performance considerations for Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) applications.


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Recommendations for infrastructure upgrades to improve function ADAS and AV Camera technology applications.
  • Very wide or narrow lane marks are uncommon and should be discouraged; 12 to 15 cm is the ideal width as they are most common; lane marks under 10 cm or over 25 cm wide should not be permitted
  • Very long dashes can be mistakenly detected as solid; dashes should be limited to a maximum length of 5 meters
  • Markings with higher contrast are easier to detect; in some scenarios the combination of lighting and concrete causes yellow marks to be less visible than white marks
    • White road markings are better than yellow
  • Under certain conditions (angle of the sun or wet roads at night) tar seams can appear as lane marks
    • Recommend using less reflective material
  • Road construction: overlap of old and new lane markings can be confusing; hiding irrelevant marks can also be useful for humans
  • Cat’s eye retro-reflectors can extend the range of lane detection at night, particularly in inclement weather conditions
  • Botts’ dots can make detection difficult, especially if they are dirty or have worn-away paint. The study suggested using dots with retro-reflectors to improve visibility.

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ADAS / AV Camera Technology Introduction

Author: Campbell, Douglas

Published By: 2019 Annual TRB Meeting

Source Date: 01/13/2019

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