Cellular-V2X (C-V2X) communication modules that use wireless wide-area network (WWAN) cellular modems to broadcast and receive basic safety messages (BSM) can be supplied to automobile manufacturers for less than $222 per unit.

An analysis of V2X OBU design alternatives: Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC) and Cellular-V2X.

February 2018
Nationwide; United States

Summary Information

This research analyzed the cost of alternative on-board unit (OBU) configurations required to support vehicle-to-everything (V2X) applications for light vehicles. The following primary cost drivers were identified for a V2X communication system that uses a central telematics control unit (TCU) for basic safety message (BSM) broadcast and receiving.

  • Processing: System-on-a-Chip (SoC), Low-energy Microcontroller unit (MCU ), Hardware Security Module (HSM)
  • Connectivity: Modem, Radio
  • Memory: Random-Access Memory (RAM), Read-Only Memory (ROM)/Flash
  • Power Management: Power Management Integrated Circuit (PMIC), Standby battery
  • Sensors: Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), Inertial-Measurement Unit (IMU)
  • Packaging: Printed Circuit Board (PCB), Connectors, Casing, Passive elements
  • Interfaces: Controller Area Network (CAN), Ethernet
  • Antenna: Connectors, Wiring, Antenna.
  • Real-time operating system and AUTOSAR communication stacks
  • Application software and stacks: Broadband connectivity processing and V2X communication.
  • Sales, General and Administrative Expenses
  • Research and development
  • Testing and validation
  • Manufacturing costs.
The following alternate configurations compared incremental costs for V2X functionality in vehicles that have an existing TCU Module.
  1. Distinct Products Within Vehicle: An OBU (DSRC or C-V2X) equipped with GNSS is detached from an optional TCU equipped with a GNSS and a Wireless Wide Area Network (WWAN) cellular modem.
    • Highest incremental cost: $129 (Range: $104-$165) per vehicle
    • Highest execution complexity
    • Moderate market alignment.
  2. One Product/ Two Systems (Unfavorable Design): An OBU (C-V2X or DSRC) equipped with GNSS is integrated into the same casing a TCU equipped with a GNSS and WWAN cellular modem.
    • Incremental cost: $120 (Range: $98-$153) per vehicle
    • Complex to execute
    • Extremely poor market alignment.
  3. Highly Integrated System: OBU (DSRC or C-V2X) is highly integrated with a TCU and WWAN cellular modem and share a GNSS. Processing and communication functions are combined.
    • Moderate incremental cost: $61 (Range: $50-$74) per vehicle
    • Moderate execution complexity
    • Poor market alignment.
  4. Fully Integrated System (Optimal Design): OBU (C-V2X only) integrated with existing TCU (most vehicles circa 2025 will likely have V2V capable TCUs).
    • Concept A: LTE (4G long term evolution) and C-V2X with WWAN cellular modem application processor separate from a GNSS.
      • Incremental cost: $40 (Range: $33-$48) per vehicle
      • Base modem cost $137 (Range: $104-$174) per vehicle
      • Total cost $177 per vehicle.
    • Concept B: LTE and C-V2X with WWAN cellular modem application processor as master of GNSS.
      • Incremental cost: $23 (Range: $21-$28) per vehicle
      • Base modem cost $137 (Range: $104-$174) per vehicle
      • Total cost $160 per vehicle.
Overall, increasing the degree of logical and physical integration yields higher cost savings and lowers implementation complexity for the automotive industry. Direct costs savings can be realized through a decrease of redundant hardware in the delivery chain.

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V2X Automotive On-Board Unit Cost Comparison

Author: Bittersohl, Cornelius (P3 North America)

Published By: P3 Group GmBH

Source Date: February 2018


System Cost

V2X (DSRC radio or Cellular-V2X) in-vehicle module configurations: $50 to $222 per vehicle (not including installation).


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