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Unit Cost Element - Environmental Sensing Station (Weather Station)

Unit Cost Component - Environmental Sensing Station

Anchorage, Alaska, USA


Capital Costs were for eight design-and-build sites with enough additional equipment for another site. [Surface Systems pavement sensors (#FP 2000) and subsurface temperature sensor (#S16UG-D), ScTi Optical Weather Identifier (#57010500), Theis air temperature and humidity sensor (#72657501). RM Young Wind Monitor (Model 05103), Coho-ESP Color Cameras (#56213001), U.S. Robotics 56K Modem (#52010256), Digiboard PCI (#51020113), Zoom Modem (Model 2836), Gateway E-3400 SE Workstation (#51010200), Scan Web Software (Surface Systems, Inc.), Scan Central Server (Surface Systems Inc.)] Equipment Only = $108,993. Without computer workstation, central server, remote access server, cost is $104,053. Installation for all eight sites = $215,522. Installation for all eight sites without computer workstations, central server, remote access server, cost is $189,108. Additional costs not included in the above: Pavement Forecasts, 2 x daily for 7 months= $19,000; consultant, EE Internet to maintain Central Server for three months and with building public website of RWIS data =$10,000; Standard RWIS Software Package called ScanWeb = $24,443; Temperature Data Probe Integration=$12,375; Technical Support = $7,500; Installation Assistance & Training=$7,200; Enhanced User Software=$6249 (Scan Web enhancements); and, Contractor Travel Costs:$10,000.

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5 years


Unit Costs TBD


ITS Integration Program Unit Cost Data Collection Sheet: Anchorage, AK - Road Weather Information Systems Phase I (FY99 Yr2)

Author: Jill Sullivan

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Year (Dollars): 2004

Lifetime: 5 years

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