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Michigan, USA


Independent project evaluation by third party. Includes formal evaluation report.

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"Construction and Maintenance" is the subsystem category established for projects of this type by SEMCOG in the SE Michigan regional ITS architecture. The Southeast Michigan Snow and Ice Management Project is a multi-agency AVL system in which highway maintenance vehicles are equipped with GPS receivers, and sensors to monitor snow plow use, rates of application for de-icing materials, and ambient air and pavement temperature. Vehicle data is transmitted via 900 Mhz radio to a central server which can be accessed from client work stations located at each partner agency.


ITS Integration Program Unit Cost Data Collection Sheet: SEMSIM Planning - Southeast Michigan, MI (FY99 Yr2)

Author: Dennis Kolar, Road Commission for Oakland County

Unit Cost Details

Capital Cost per Unit: $125,000.00

O&M Cost per Unit:

Year (Dollars): 2002

Lifetime: years