In Arizona, the estimated cost of a statewide Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR) system using radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is $49.6 million.

Estimates from a 2008 analysis of the possible benefits of a statewide electronic license plate system in Arizona.

June 2008
Statewide,Arizona,United States

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An analysis conducted for the Arizona DOT (AzDOT) published in 2008 provided an estimate of the cost of a statewide electronic vehicle recognition (EVR) system. EVR uses radio frequency identification (RFID) tags and readers. The tags could be placed on registered vehicles, to emit a radio frequency signal and read by RFID readers. (An example of an RFID system is E-Z Pass.)

The total cost for an EVR system with 55 sites with two RFID readers per site is $49,605,638.

The following equation defines the cost of an EVR system.

($9 * RV) + [($3000 * 2 * s) * 1.2] = Total Cost of an EVR system
  • $9 = the cost per RFID tag
  • RV = the number of registered vehicles (in Arizona in 2008 there were 4,556,448 registered vehicles)
  • 2 = the number of RFID readers needed per site (for a total of 110 readers)
  • s = the number of RFID sites
  • $3,000 = the cost per RFID reader
  • 1.2 = the 20% estimated "soft" costs such as installation and fiber optics


    EVR technology is rapidly progressing in effectiveness and affordability, possibly reducing the costs for future deployments.

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Cost/Benefit Analysis of Electronic License Plates

Author: Eberline, A.

Published By: USDOT FHWA

Source Date: June 2008


System Cost

Electronic Vehicle Registration System - $49,605,638


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