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Unit Cost Element - Environmental Sensing Station (Weather Station)

Unit Cost Component - Environmental Sensing Station

Alaska, USA


Nine ESS sites installed (eight commissioned). Capital costs: Total installation costs = $767,895.34. Total site commissioning costs = $26,511.68 ($3,300 per site). Mapping to Scan Web software = $1,440 ($180 per site). Total equipment costs = $608,449.74. This cost included purchasing four power modules costing $95,000 to $115,000 per module. Some equipment was purchased the previous fiscal year. Not all ESS sites were the same. Some had donated equipment from the National Weather Service (NWS). Some were pavement sensor only sites. ESS equipment may or may not include the following: Surface Systems pavement sensors (#FP 2000) and subsurface temperature sensor (#S16UG-D), ScTi Optical Weather Identifier (#57010500), Theis air temperature and humidity sensor (#72657501), RM Young Wind Monitor (Model 05103), Coho -fixed zoom & Pan Tilt Zoom(iDome), Hawk Eye Optical Infrared precipitation gauge, Nova Lynx Corp-tipping bucket rain and/or snow gauge(2500 & 2500E), Judd Communication Ultrasonic Depth Sensor, Optical Scientific Inc Optical Depth Sensor, U.S. Robotics 56K Modem (#52010256), Linux RPU backpanel assembly, Zoom Modem (Model 2836), Gateway E-3400 SE Workstation (#51010200), Scan Web Software (Surface Systems, Inc.), Scan Central Server (Surface Systems Inc.)

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10 years


Unit Costs TBD


ITS Integration Program Unit Cost Data Collection Sheet: AK - Road Weather Information System (FY99 Yr4)

Author: Jill Sullivan

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Year (Dollars): 2004

Lifetime: 10 years

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ID: 2009-00020