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Fixed Service Satellite (FSS) wireless backhaul modem with Data Rate: 5-15 Mbps, Coverage: Nationwide, HughesNet Gen4 pricing

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10 years


Fixed Satellite Service (FSS) uses Very Small Aperture Satellite (VSAT) terminals to provide high data rate wide area two way communications nearly anywhere that has a clear sky view. This technology is used to deliver satellite television (e.g., DirecTV, DISH, etc.) although it can also be used to provide other types of data communication. When used in a two way system the terminals generally include a 1 meter (i.e. larger than a TV dish antenna) dish antenna. These systems may be useful in remote areas where RSUs are too far away to be serviced by conventional wide area radio links. Strengths: Very flexible in terms of geographic locations, generally high data rates. Limitations: VSAT antennas are somewhat large for most physical installations (e.g., at a controller cabinet), may be subject to weather related performance issues, may require periodic maintenance (snow/ice removal, etc.). Lifetime 5-10 years


National Connected Vehicle Field Infrastructure Footprint Analysis Final Report

Author: Wright, James (AASHTO), et.al.

Published By: U.S. DOT Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) ITS Joint Program Office (JPO)

Other Reference Number: Report No. FHWA-JPO-14-125

URL: https://rosap.ntl.bts.gov

Unit Cost Details

Capital Cost per Unit: $500.00

O&M Cost per Unit:

Year (Dollars): 2013

Lifetime: 10 years

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ID: 2014-04675