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Parking management systems, most commonly deployed in urban centers or at modal transfer points such as airports, monitor the availability of parking and disseminate the information to drivers, reducing traveler frustration and congestion associated with searching for parking.

Automate collection of parking occupancy data when traditional parking surveys lack resolution and sample size to support large-scale demand-responsive parking management systems.(11/13/2015)

Periodically assess the accuracy and reliability of parking management vehicle sensors and predictive algorithms to assure performance under a variety of weather conditions and traffic situations.(12/27/2013)

In planning for a demand-responsive pricing based parking management system, involve executive leadership, seek strong intellectual foundations, strike the right balance between complexity and simplicity, and emphasize data collection and project evaluation.(August 2011)

Consider the long-term operations and maintenance responsibilities and costs when selecting project components. (9 May 2008)

Study the surrounding area for topographical encumbrances and radio interference when deploying wireless communication projects for traffic and parking management. (9 May 2008)

Expect non-custom hardware and software to have technology limitations that may affect operational capabilities. (9 May 2008)

Employ sensors that can account for a range of parking lot vehicle movements.(1 August 2007)

Anticipate project delays and allocate sufficient time and funding to address key project variables.(1 August 2007)