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Automated inspection equipment can be implemented to remotely test commercial trucks for faulty equipment, such as non-functioning brakes.

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Smart Infrared Brake Inspection Systems identify trucks with faulty systems. Of the vehicles flagged as having thermal issues, 86 percent were found to have a violation and 83 percent of those vehicles were placed out-of-service.(06/01/2011)

CVISN technologies that improve carrier compliance can increase safety and carrier efficiency; benefit-to-cost ratios approach 7.5 for electronic screening and 2.6 for electronic credentialing.(03/02/2009)

Using Inspection Selection Systems (ISS) and out-of-service (OOS) history information provided by safety information exchange programs can lead to significant reductions in crashes injuries and fatalities due to heavy vehicles.(03/02/2009)

An Integrated Safety and Security Enforcement System (ISSES) for identifying high-risk heavy trucks was estimated to contribute to crash reductions between 63 and 629, personal injuries between 16 and163, and 7 fatalities per year.(31 January 2008)

An infrared detection system deployed in a mobile van correctly identified vehicles that need to be taken off the road 44 percent of the time; an improvement over using random selection alone.(4/11/2006)

An evaluation of infrared brake screening systems at weigh stations indicated the technology increased the percentage of vehicles placed out of service because of brake problems by 250 percent.(December 2000)

A series of interviews with commercial vehicle operators across the U.S. indicated that truck and motorcoach drivers are in strong agreement in favor of some ITS applications, but have mixed opinions about other applications. (1997)