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Downhill speed warning systems use roadside detectors and electronic warning signs to warn drivers, typically those in commercial trucks and other heavy vehicles, of potentially dangerous speeds in approach to downhill grades.

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In Oregon and Colorado, downhill speed warning systems decreased truck crashes up to 13 percent at problem sites.(31 October 2006)

In Colorado, a downhill truck speed warning system installed on a curved section of I-70 reduced 85th percentile truck speeds by 27 percent.(November 2001)

A dynamic truck down hill speed warning system installed on I-70 in Colorado reduced the average speed of passing trucks by approximately 5.2 mi/hr. (15 December 1999)

A small-scale study of truck drivers who experienced a dynamic truck down hill speed warning system in Colorado indicated that most drivers thought it was helpful.(15 December 1999)

In Colorado, a dynamic truck downhill speed warning system (DSWS) installed on I-70 decreased the number of accidents by 13 percent.(15 December 1997)

In Colorado, a down hill truck speed warning system installed on I-70 reduced runaway ramp usage by 24 percent and contributed to a 13 percent drop in crashes involving trucks and excessive speeds.(May 1997)