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Technologies such as anti-icing systems on bridges can provide automatic winter maintenance activities in specific locations in need of special attention.

Fixed automated spray technology systems for bridges in North Dakota produce 1.3 to 4.3 benefit-cost ratio over their twenty year lifecycle.(October 2009)

Total crashes were reduced by 50-66 percent on bridge decks in North Dakota utilizing fixed automated spray technologies for anti-icing.(October 2009)

In Indiana during the 2008-2009 snow and ice season, the implementation of a Maintenance Decision Support System (MDSS) resulted in statewide savings of $9,978,536 (188,274 tons) in salt usage and $979,136 (41,967 hours) in overtime compensation from the previous winter season.(2009)

Automatic anti-icing systems on bridges reduced crashes by 25 to 100 percent and benefit-to-cost ratios ranged from 1.8:1 to 3.4:1.(August 2003)

In Vantage, Washington an automated anti-icing system installed on I-90 had a benefit-to-cost ratio of 2.36:1, with benefits including fewer winter weather-related crashes and more efficient use of abrasives.(7-11 January 2001)

In Vantage, Washington the deployment of an automated anti-icing system on I-90 was projected to eliminate up to 80 percent of snow and ice related crashes.(7-11 January 2001)

Twenty year lifecycle costs of fixed spray anti-icing systems ranged from $1,031 to $1,096 per foot for two bridges in North Dakota.(October 2009)

Costs data available for several advanced winter maintenance technologies: automatic vehicle location (AVL) range from $1,250 to $5,800 per vehicle; fixed automated spray technology (FAST) range from $22,000 to $4 million; and a large-scale multi-agency, 400-vehicle winter weather management system costs $8.2 million.(September 2006)

Advanced snowplow control system that improves safety and efficiency of snow removal operations includes in-vehicle costs of $30,000 per snowplow, in-road costs of $18,000 per lane-mile, and annual maintenance costs of approximately $500 per snowplow.(7-9 June 2004)

Initial cost estimate for an anti-icing system on I-90 near Vantage, Washington was $559,500.(7-11 January 2001)

An automatic bridge de-icing system was installed in Dresbach, Minnesota at a cost of $25,000.(June 2000)

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