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Regional and/or multimodal traveler information programs intended for travelers en-route to their destinations may make use of 511 telephone systems, in-vehicle devices, radios, or other wireless devices such as pagers and PDAs.

Treat maintenance staff as customers and beneficiaries of ATIS information.(5/1/2005)

Treat system operators as the client and consider their perspectives during ATIS project development.(5/1/2005)

Consider how implementing an ATIS system will impact staffing and training requirements.(5/1/2005)

Consider that ATIS deployment in rural and/or remote areas presents special challenges.(5/1/2005)

Provide drivers with sufficient managed lane information that can be easily disseminated and understood. (2005)

Use ITS to implement a reliable communications system in work zones.(1/1/2004)

Ensure initial and ongoing success of ITS deployments by providing sufficient start-up time, maintaining flexibility, and performing maintenance needs in-house.(1/1/2004)

Provide traveler information in rural areas to allow for good travel decisions in inclement weather and construction season.(November 2001)

Provide consistent and high-quality information to influence traveler behavior.(6/1/1998)

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