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Parking management systems, including availability and directional guidance posted on dynamic message signs, may be deployed at major tourist destinations.

Implement smart parking systems at sites that experience high parking demand, are located close to a major freeway or arterial, and are configured to accommodate parking sensors at entrances and exits to promote accurate parking counts.(June 2008)

Identify key design issues in the deployment of advanced parking management systems (APMS).(January 2007)

Involve all appropriate stakeholders in a formal and collaborative manner during each phase of the advanced parking management systems (APMS) project.(January 2007)

Consider the impact of different technical and design factors when making cost estimates for advanced parking management systems (APMS).(January 2007)

Ensure proper operations and maintenance of advanced parking management systems (APMS)(January 2007)

Design the 511 system to handle the surge in call volume during major events.(9/3/2003)