Systems Engineering Activities

Regional Architecture(s)Feasibility Study / Concept ExplorationConcept of OperationsSystem RequirementsHigh-Level DesignDetailed DesignSoftware / Hardware Development Field InstallationUnit / Device TestingSubsystem VerificationSystem Verification & DeploymentSystem ValidationOperations and MaintenanceChanges and UpgradesRetirement/ReplacementSystems Engineering Project/Technical ManagementSystems Engineering Program Management

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Systems Engineering for Intelligent Transportation Systems: An Introduction for Transportation Professionals Federal Highway Administration, January, 2007
Cost: Free

Florida's Statewide Systems Engineering Management Plan, Version 2, Florida Department of Transportation, March 2005
Cost: Free

California's Systems Engineering Guidebook for ITS, Version 2, California Department of Transportation, January 2007
Cost: Free

Systems Development Life Cycle Guidance Document, Department of Justice, January 2003
Cost: Free

FHWA Facilitating Integrated ITS Deployment Program Web Site
The Facilitating Integrated ITS Deployment program is responsible for developing, and supporting implementation of, Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) policies and programs aimed at increasing the level of integrated ITS deployment throughout the country.

FHWA Systems Engineering Web Site
A systems engineering analysis is required for all Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) projects using Federal funds according to the Final Rule on Architecture and Standards Conformity. The ITS Architecture Implementation Program identifies minimum systems engineering practices that must be included in the project implementation phase. Additional resources are provided below for the planning, implementation, and operations of ITS projects.

International Council of Systems Engineers Web Site
The International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) is a not-for-profit membership organization founded in 1990. Our mission is to advance the state of the art and practice of systems engineering in industry, academia, and government by promoting interdisciplinary, scaleable approaches to produce technologically appropriate solutions that meet societal needs.