ITS Evaluation Workshop

ITS Evaluation Workshop:
Emerging Needs and Opportunities in ITS Evaluation,
Supporting New Directions in Research and Deployment
- Exploring the next generation of evaluation in ITS -
September 20, 2010, Irvine, CA at the Beckman Center

The U.S. DOT Research and Innovative Technology Administration’s Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Joint Program Office (JPO) will convene a one-day workshop to explore the impact of emerging trends and innovations, shifting priorities and changing requirements on the evaluation of ITS. The release in early 2010 of the U.S. DOT ITS Strategic Research Plan lays out new goals and initiatives in the ITS Program that impact national and local ITS projects. The ITS Evaluation Program managers are keenly interested in the input from the transportation community on advancing the practice and increasing the value of ITS evaluation, and identifying the evaluation needs of the transportation community.

The goal of the workshop will be to exchange knowledge between the JPO and the transportation community on how ITS evaluation can best support the U.S. DOT ITS Strategic Research Plan and state and local ITS projects. The U.S. DOT will share information on the ITS Strategic Plan, program goals and priorities. The workshop will give participants the opportunity to provide feedback on the Evaluation Program, share innovative evaluation practices, and identify evaluation needs.

A key feature of the workshop will be breakout working sessions for attendees to discuss the following questions:

  • How do we make effective and innovative use of new technologies, new techniques, and new results?
  • How can we best and most creatively evaluate new JPO initiatives?
  • How do we obtain and best share meaningful evaluation techniques and results?
  • How do we measure and evaluate livability and environment-related goals?

This one-day workshop precedes the TRB Research Needs for IntelliDrive Applications for the Public Sector Workshop and is included in the TRB Workshop fee (although you will need to identify that you will be attending this Workshop). You may also attend for a fee without registering for the main workshop. Attendance for this Workshop is limited, so please register early.

More information about the workshop including the detailed agenda and how to register can be found on the TRB events calendar or from the link below.

ITS Evaluation Workshop, September 20th, Irvine California: Registration & Agenda
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If you have questions regarding the Evaluation Workshop or the Evaluation Program in General please contact James Pol at 202-366-4374 ( or Marcia Pincus at 202-366-9230 ( ).