2010 Request for Information on ITS Costs

Dear Colleagues:

The ITS Cost Database (http://www.itscosts.its.dot.gov) provides both unit costs (Capital, O&M, and Lifetime) for individual ITS components, and System Cost examples of different ITS system deployments. These costs are available to help state and local agencies plan and program new projects, perform cost benefit analyses, and compare their experiences with others.

In 2010 the ITS/JPO Evaluation Program is conducting a review and update of the Costs database in order to collect and enter new sources of cost information and to account for new/emerging services and technologies. The Evaluation Program is also interested in user feedback and input on ways to make the information and the ITS Costs web site more relevant and usable in meeting their needs.

Consequently, we are requesting:

  • Any information that you may have on sources and contacts for both new unit cost data and/or system cost estimates
  • ITS unit cost or system cost data.
  • Examples of information that would be useful:
    • Databases maintained by states or local agencies used for independent cost estimates
    • State contract schedules, actual bids and proposals
    • Cost/benefit studies and plans and evaluation studies where costs are documented
    • Project progress or evaluation reports, research reports, or other documents that contain recent information on ITS costs at the system or component level.
  • Costs may be actual, bid, estimated, or forecast. They may also be contained in larger construction or operations projects.
  • Contact information for follow through, clarification, or additional data on any specific sources provided above.

We are also interested in hearing your feedback, and welcome your input. If you know of others that may have ITS cost information, please let them know about this request.

Please send responses or questions regarding this request to itsknowledgeresources@bah.com.

Feel free to contact Francis Swift (swift_francis@bah.com) at Booz Allen Hamilton for additional clarification, questions, or comments on the ITS Costs Database.

If you have questions regarding this request for information or the ITS Evaluation Program please contact me at 202-366-4374 (James.Pol@dot.gov).

James Pol, PE, PMP
Team Lead, Program Management and Evaluation
ITS Joint Program Office (HOIT) - E31 - 119
U.S. Department of Transportation
1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE
Washington, DC 20590
Ofc: 202.366.4374
Fax: 202.493.2027