Sample Unit Cost Entries (4 unique unit cost entries found)

Unit Cost Entries for Personal Devices (PD)

Unit Cost ElementUnit Cost ComponentDescriptionLocationCost TypeData DateReported UnitsUnitsYear (Dollars)Capital Cost Per UnitO& M Cost Per UnitLifetime (Years)View Details
Basic PDABasic PDAPDA with build in wi-fi (used to upload traffic signal database to intersection).Boise, Idaho, USAUnknown2007Each (EA)2007$500.005View Details
Basic PDABasic PDABasic PDALynnwood, Washington, USAActual2005Each (EA)2004$200.00$10.003View Details
Advanced PDA for Route Guidance, Interactive InformationPortable traffic information deviceA small portable device that receives information from the traveler information service and shows users which freeways are currently congested in the Puget Sound region of Washington State.Puget Sound, Washington, United StatesActual2010Each (EA)2010$79.95View Details
Smart CardSmart CardsSmart CardsNew Mexico, USAActual20045100Each (EA)2004$1.20View Details