Newest Lesson Learned Entries

Added: 05/20/2019

In-vehicle work zone messages prove to be more effective than portable roadside dynamic message signs.

The University of Minnesota's Department of Mechanical Engineering tested several interfaces for relaying work zone messages to drivers including a roadside, portable changeable message sign, a smartphone presenting only auditory messages, and a smartphone presenting audio-visual messages.

Added: 05/20/2019

Early CV deployers must assess existing agency systems and networks as well as their change control procedures to accommodate the security needs of CV technology.

Lessons Learned from the Design/Build/Test Phase of the USDOT’s Connected Vehicle Pilot Program.

Added: 05/08/2019

NCHRP report presents and evaluates 18 different strategies for agencies to encourage CAV adoption.

The report sorts strategies into four different categories and discusses the strengths, weaknesses, and likely outcomes of each.

Added: 05/08/2019

Industry Experts Offer Recommendations for Enterprise-wide Security Controls for the Connected Vehicle Environment.

Report provides a series of lessons learned for developing security systems around Connected Vehicles.

Added: 05/06/2019

USDOT identifies ten characteristics that support an Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) approach to improving throughput and reducing congestion.

USDOT-developed fact sheet presents ten attributes of successful ICM sites and describes their importance for effective implementation.

Added: 05/06/2019

A simple decision tree model was preferred over more complex regression and neural network models when predicting winter road weather conditions in Iowa.

The Iowa DOT is developing an approach to leverage the data already collected from assets and vehicles with a focus on the I-80 corridor to predict winter road conditions using artificial intelligence (AI).

Added: 05/06/2019

CV Pilot sites credit successful demonstration of cross-site V2V and V2I interactions to close coordination with the test site and utilization of itemized test-run schedule with clear pass/fail criteria.

CV Pilot sites participate in an Interoperability Test to demonstrate over-the-air V2V and V2I interactions between the different site’s onboard and roadside CV equipment, generating lessons learned for running future tests.

Added: 04/23/2019

Cross-validate data streams and identify areas where automated processes can reduce workloads to efficiently and effectively manage traveler information.

The best-practices report from Caltrans identifies key strategies to handle and process data on a state-wide scale.

Added: 04/22/2019

Obtain buy-in from on-the-ground staff to remain aware of potential effective, flexible solutions.

The summary report, from Washington County, Oregon, briefly discussed some key strategies that assisted in keeping weather solutions under budgetary and resource constraints.