Newest Lesson Learned Entries

Added: 03/21/2019

Connected vehicle deployers should assess field equipment and organizational capabilities that will be needed to support core CV components.

Lessons Learned from the Design/Build/Test Phase of the USDOT's Connected Vehicle Pilot Program.

Added: 03/21/2019

Refine institutional arrangements when deploying connected vehicle technology to outline the expectations of partners in terms of service, outcomes and reporting.

Lessons Learned from the Design/Build/Test Phase of the USDOT’s Connected Vehicle Pilot Program.

Added: 03/21/2019

During system testing, CV Pilot sites discover the importance of having expertise in detecting and mitigating interferences with radio frequency and GPS signals

Lessons Learned from the Design/Build/Test Phase of the USDOT's Connected Vehicle Pilot Program.

Added: 03/19/2019

Understand cities' markets and customer bases to define a tailored service and increase the utilization rates of carsharing and new mobility services.

Best practices for launching new mobility services and scaling business models to achieve maximum profitability.

Added: 03/04/2019

Before embracing open data, transit agencies must first understand the changes that will be created within and external to the agency

Synthesis of the current state of the practice and policies in the use of open data for improved transit planning; service quality, customer information, and customer experience; implications of open data and open documentation policies; and their impact on transit agencies and public support.

Added: 03/04/2019

Agencies considering the adoption of open data standards should involve a trusted standard development organization with permanence, customer focus, and with sufficient user involvement

This paper analyzes several case studies of data standard development and management, recommends a set of best practices from them, and evaluates how implementable the best practices are with a new data standard creation project.

Added: 02/25/2019

National Operations Center of Excellence (NOCoE) provides updates on SPaT Challenge activities in recorded Webinars.

Principal investigators discuss the status of operational SPaT deployments in the City of Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, and the Northern Virginia Test Bed.

Added: 02/21/2019

AV testing on Boston’s streets revealed five key success factors relevant to other cities looking to pilot AVs as they prepare for the mobility system of the future.

Study offers insight and guidance to help both policy-makers and mobility providers reshape urban mobility systems into new versions that are safer, cleaner and more inclusive.

Added: 02/18/2019

Battery electric bus (BEB) technology offers a clean and efficient alternative to diesel buses but may require the adjustment of routes to accommodate charging requirements

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) compared Foothill Transits electric bus and CNG fleet operation over a two-year period.