Newest Lesson Learned Entries

Added: 12/31/2018

Truck Platooning Study Finds that there are limited federal policy barriers to implementation, though state level barriers remain.

New York State Department of Transportation commissioned truck platooning state of practice in January of 2018.

Added: 12/26/2018

Local TMCs should "start small" with technology testing and focus on successful solutions for a focused deployment approach, says Road Commission for Oakland County.

RCOC, which administers the second-largest TMC in North America, attributes its success to its refined approach to testing new technologies.

Added: 12/26/2018

Consider road geometry carefully before implementing part-time shoulder use lanes.

PTSU's effects are strongest along congested segments of road, but can be severely impacted by placement and positioning of ramps or merging lanes.

Added: 11/28/2018

Using current procedures, early CV deployer agencies overcome challenges concerning a general lack of CV technological maturity, evolving standards and policies and technological uncertainty regarding communication technologies in their procurement of connected vehicle devices.

Agencies provide feedback identified from interviewees and their experiences with CV procurement and deployment in Connected Vehicle Procurement State-of-the-Practice Report.

Added: 11/28/2018

New York City Connected Vehicle pilot deployment project works to overcome challenges associated with pursuing a density of vehicle interactions never previously attempted with CV technology.

With an eye on safer travel in the future, New York City Connected Vehicle Pilot Deployment Project hopes to set a model and standards for CV deployment that can be adopted, expanded, and shared.

Added: 11/28/2018

Payment integration efforts should focus on committed, engaged stakeholders and work to minimize the complexity of coordination to avoid cumbersome governance issues.

The recommendations, created for an effort to integrate payments across agencies in New Orleans, emphasized the need for flexibility and incremental change to mitigate risk.

Added: 11/26/2018

Probe vehicle data provide a "flexible and robust" basis for identifying inefficient arterial corridors.

The Iowa DOT study used already-purchased traffic data in lieu of expensive field infrastructure to identify corridors in need of optimization.

Added: 11/26/2018

Small-scale study suggests that TNCs are particularly effective mobility solutions for short-term business trips.

The study, which focused on the difference in behavior when renting a car or using TNCs for transportation, found that TNCs could encourage significant cost saving effects.