Newest Lesson Learned Entries

Added: 03/16/2018

Build a strong public-private partnership to bring electric mobility to more people.

Lessons learned from BlueIndy, an electric car sharing service.

Added: 03/01/2018

Engage labor early and address accessibility issues at the outset when considering partnering with new mobility services.

Experiences of two transit operators in entering service delivery partnerships with a Transportation Network Company (TNC) and with a micro-transit operator.

Added: 02/06/2018

Understand consumer needs and requirements and create a low-risk trial environment in the development of Mobility as a Service applications.

A web-based smartphone application combining public transport, car sharing, rental car service, taxi and bike-sharing services was piloted in Gothenburg, Sweden,

Added: 01/26/2018

Standardize reporting and communication processes for partnering agencies when developing a regional travel management center.

Regional travel management and coordination center implementation experiences of the Lower Savannah Aging, Disability & Transportation Resource Center in South Carolina.

Added: 01/08/2018

Perform outreach to snowplow drivers to address privacy and distraction concerns prior to successful deployment of snowplow dash cam integration into 511.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation installed dash cameras on snowplows and linked the feeds to their traveler information system.

Added: 01/08/2018

Deploy reversible lanes on arterial streets to improve capacity in the peak direction, but note that it may yield higher collision rates.

The effects of a reversible lane deployment in Roswell, Georgia are emphasized when the system is non-operational for maintenance during peak periods.

Added: 01/08/2018

Include pedestrian collision warnings on in-vehicle heads-up displays to reduce reaction time, maximum deceleration, and, in some cases, stopping distance and braking time.

Study performed with sixteen drivers with actual pedestrians in a parking lot environment evaluated a display showing the word “BRAKE” and a virtual shadow that changes size as the vehicle gets closers to the pedestrian.

Added: 01/08/2018

Integrate stop and caution warning signage into heads-up displays to help older drivers brake sooner for potential hazards.

Older drivers are over-represented in urban crashes, a German study found that in-vehicle driver warning systems could help with this problem.