Integrate freeway and alternate route operations to achieve greater benefits.

San Antonio’s experience with integration of freeway and arterial management systems.

San Antonio,Texas,United States

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The benefits of integrated ITS systems are mathematically greater than the sum of the benefits of the systems individually.
  • Integrated systems can reduce delays, improve safety, and enhance customer satisfaction when deployed strategically. Furthermore, through simulation modeling it was revealed that expected benefits were greater than may be achieved by any single element of the management system acting alone. Thus, the hypothesis of greater benefits through ITS integration is supported.
  • Applying an integrated strategy is substantially more effective at reducing delay than any of the various components of the system acting in isolation. Specifically, the impacts of the integrated Medical Center Corridor on traveler delay are nearly 25 percent greater than those affected by incident management alone, which is the most effective isolated element.
  • Keep arterial operations and maintenance costs low by housing the operations center within the existing TransGuide operations center and taking advantage of the benefits offered by centralized staffing and maintenance plans.

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San Antonio's Medical Center Corridor: Lessons Learned From The Metropolitan Model Deployment Initiative


Published By: USDOT ITS JPO

Source Date: 6/1/2001

EDL Number: 13220

Other Reference Number: FHWA-OP-01-034

URL: https://rosap.ntl.bts.gov/view/dot/2793

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Jane Lappin
Volpe National Transportation Systems Center


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