Hardware for an active deer warning system costs $40,000 to $50,000 per mile.

Minnesota DOT experience with animal warning systems.


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The Minnesota DOT (Mn/DOT) installed an active deer warning system on a one-mile section of rural roadway. The system was found to be effective; however, shortly after the system was installed, technical issues associated with power supplies limited operations. Specifically, the solar power battery charging system used to energize beacon warning lamps (100 watt) and mechanical rotators could only last a few days without follow-up service calls. In addition, communications between detectors and beacons had to be hardwired which limited system flexibility. Mn/DOT, for example, wanted detectors to activate beacons on both sides of the roadway when deer were detected on one side, however, expensive under-roadway conduit would have to be installed.

In 2007, the system was redesigned to improve performance and flexibility. The new system used beam-type infrared detectors in 18 detection zones connected to 10 LED beacons (15 watt) using 900-Mhz wireless communications. System components were powered by solar rechargeable batteries having 300 percent more output and 350 percent more reserve capacity than the original system.


Researchers noted that design and installation costs vary greatly depending on location. Hardware costs range from $40,000 to $50,000 per mile.

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Deer Detection and Warning System Project Summary Report

Published By: SRF Consulting Group

Source Date: 05/01/2009


System Cost

Deer Detection System Hardware: $40K to $50K.


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