Cost of Driver Assistance packages that include Vision-Based Lane Departure Warning Systems range from $295 to $2800.

December 2009
Statewide,Minnesota,United States

Summary Information

Cost information from four major US auto brands that provide vision-based Lane Departure Warning Systems (LDWS) provides a wide range of prices for this application, however, these are due to the various additional components included in the driver assistance packages offered by the auto companies.

Collision avoidance package, Adaptive Cruise Control, Collision Warning with Auto Brake, Distance Alert, Lane Departure Warning, Driver Alert Control
$ 1,695
Lane departure warning system
$ 295
Bose Studio Surround sound system with digital 5.1-channel decoding, 14 speakers and multi-media drive, Intelligent Cruise Control, Brake Assist with Preview, Lane Departure Prevention and Lane Departure Warning systems
$ 2,800
BMW Driver Assistance Package –Blind spot detection, Lane departure warning, High beam assistant
$ 1,350
Table 4.2 Vision-Based LDWS Offered by Different Car Companies

Cost models for Vision-Based LDWS by Minnesota's DOT assume a starting price for the LDWS at $500 per unit in the first year. As a result of market penetration, modeled off of mandatory and non-mandatory equipping, they predict costs will drop to $150-$200 at the end of 20 years.

Cost per unit of LDWS At End of 10 YearsCost per unit of LDWS At End of 20 YearsCost for deploying LDWS for total volume of cars at end of 10 yearsCost for deploying LDWS for total volume of cars at end of 20 years
As per Analogy to Seat Belts (Mandatory)$178 $150$471,969,247.22$577,710,000.00
As per Analogy to ABS
Table 7.1 Cost Models for Vision-Based LDWS

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Benefit:Cost Analysis of In-Vehicle Technologies and Infrastructure Modifications as a Means to Prevent Crashes Along Curves and Shoulders

Author: Jaswandi Tushar Pitale, Craig Shankwitz, Howard Preston and Michael Barry

Published By: Minnesota DOT

Prepared by the University of Minnesota for the Minnesota DOT

Source Date: December 2009


System Cost

Vision-Based LDWS: $295 to $2,800 per unit
Total cost for all equipped cars in Minnesota (10 years): $472.0 million
Total cost for all equipped cars in Minnesota (20 years): $577.7 million


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